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Alone! – Bird and Byron

Bird and Byron are an Indie-rock duo I came across not even two weeks ago, So they’re both new to you and me at this point. The group made up of Nick Lorenz (Byron) and Blake Bergere (Bird) only have four official songs to their name right now and ‘Alone!’ is my favourite so far.

This song is just lovely, it’s the kind of song you have on in the midst of summer driving back from a day at the beach. The combination of Blakes (Birds) strong and frankly quite unique vocals along with the smooth, angelic harmonies is what makes the song so charming. It’s a short, sweet and simple song that you find yourself tapping your foot along to without even realising.

I’m very much looking forward to the future of Bird and Byron. Though the four songs they have released are wonderful, I do think the world needs more.

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